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Friday, 4 Sep @ 6 PM


Join us in this session where Tharanga Goonettileke and Ananda Shankar Jayant dismantle the barriers that they came across while venturing their way into expressing arts. For them, passion and the power of mind are the two fundamental elements in artistic fulfillment. Artistic expressions like singing and dancing have been equated with the Gods and their many overlapping expressions that both the art forms portray. Music and Visual arts are like siamese twins and inspire thousands of people to connect spiritually with themselves through their music. Artistic forms transcend all barriers and obstacles to find its way to the hearts of millions of people and kindle a ray of hope in them. Tracing their journeys from childhood to their adult lives, Tharanga and Ananda walk you through the garden of possibilities in artistic endeavors and share their wisdom with the world.

Cultures across the world have birthed various artforms, constructing a playground for millions of artists who have dedicated their lives to these forms of expression. The audience will learn to express themselves through art, dance their way to self-discovery, and spark their passion to break through barriers. Join us to hear these two extraordinary artists that will, through the power of words, take you to a mesmerizing journey of music and dance, leaving you captivated with their remarkable lives.


Sonam Kalra, Singer & Composer
Tharanga Goonetilleke, Critically Acclaimed Soprano
Dr. Ananda Shankar Jayant, Padma Shri & Eminent, Indian Classical Dancer

Webinar/Workshop organized by: TEDx

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