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Sunday, 20 Sep @ 6:30 PM


The field of AI is growing rapidly and its inculcation in healthcare is one such tangent that requires extensive research and evaluation. The inclusion and use of AI in healthcare is a slow process as we still do not know the complete risks of using it and deploying it on patients and clinical environments as it is still in an early exploration stage.

Even though Artificial Intelligence did not have a huge impact in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a lot we can learn from this and move towards new directions for how AI should be developed moving forward to make it more useful for future pandemics. From developing better processes for testing and approving AI systems to developing more techniques for efficient data analysis, the future of AI in healthcare has a lot to look forward to.

Join Karen Hao, Senior Reporter at MIT Technology Review, as she gives her insights on the extent to which Artificial Intelligence has helped during this pandemic and how its future relies on the evolution of tech and a lot of learnings.


Karen Hao – Senior AI Reporter @MIT Technology Review
Govindraj Ethiraj – Journalist & Entrepreneur

Webinar/Workshop organized by: TEDx

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