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Saturday, Jan 30 @ 3:00 PM


The Webinar would be looking to combine Traditional Technical Analysis with ADX and RSI to trade Breakouts and Reversal Patterns

Trading Breakouts can be a very tricky affair. We will be looking at rule-based methods to trade Breakouts and Reversals by combing Price Action with ADX and RSI to increase the probability of success. The strategy is a universal one is and is applicable for all Timeframes including Positional and Intraday.

A clear and mechanical rule-based strategy would be discussed to define entries and exits. The strategy would focus on the Risk Management aspect and look to provide low risk and High reward entry points.

Objective of the Webinar

1 . Learn and Understand how to trade Breakouts and Reversal Patterns
2. Which Breakouts and Reversal should be avoided
3. Entry-exit and risk management principles


1. When and how to effectively trade Breakouts
2. Spotting Reversal patterns on Charts based on specific well-defined rules
3. Which patterns should be avoided
3. Entries, Exits, and Risk Management


AMIT SETH (Chartered Accountant)
Mr. Amit Seth is a Chartered Accountant and has been a part of one of the Big Four Audit Firms before entering into full-time trading. He joined the markets in 2008 and took to full-time trading from 2012. His domain focus is combining Price Action with momentum and trend. His trading strategies are versatile and are suitable for both Intraday and Swing/Positional Setups. He is one of the first Traders in India to introduce the concept of market neutral Pair Trades. A conservative and risk-averse trader who believes in defined risk strategies. He has been also covered by prestigious platforms like MoneyControl and has been an imminent speaker on Technical Analysis in many credible platforms and forums.

Webinar/Workshop organized by: ElearnMarkets

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