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Saturday, 12 Dec, @ 08:30 PM


Happiness is a mindset and it is the choices we make everyday. It is an underlying sense of contentment, fulfilment, and satisfaction in life.

While this existing pandemic has brought with it emotional and mental turmoil, finding happiness amidst these uncertain times may not be as difficult as it seems.

In trying times, defining ‘happiness’ in daily life is essential. Just like a heartbeat, life has its ups and downs, but the key to happiness is to accept those highs and lows and learn to expect this tide of life.


Tune in with Deepak Chopra and Naveen Jain as they highlight one of the most positive human emotions : happiness. Explore how one may stimulate this emotion by changing their mindset and the choices that we make, along the way learning how to accept the tidal waves of life.

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Deepak Chopra &  Naveen Jain 

Webinar/Workshop organized by:TEDxGateway

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