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Friday, 17 Jul, 5 PM – 6 PM


Have you ever wondered what your startup is worth? Do you have someone interested in investing in or even buying your startup? Do you need to grant stock options?

Startup Founders typically need to raise equity capital to support their launch and growth, and frequently seek support to help guide them through negotiations with investors, be they family/friends, angels or venture capitalists. The valuation exercise is more difficult the younger the company is, and the lack of historical data and uncertainty about revenue, cash flows and growth rate make use of the discounted cash flow (DCF) method for valuing early stage start-ups largely untenable.

In this webinar, we explore a number of alternative methods and models for valuing early-stage companies, most often used by venture capitalists who negotiate with startup Founders, in the context of equity investment. These methods may also be potentially employed for succession planning, marital/partner dissolution with asset division, or M&A activities.


Ankit Vyas, Co-founder, Oizom
Tanmay Pandya, Founder Director at Brisil

Sachit Taneja, Investment Executive, Indian angel network

Webinar/Workshop organized by: CIIE

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