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Sunday, 3 Jan, 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM


Are you ready to be your own Boss?


We are not a regular Bootcamp course

We are neither a mere online learning program

We are your

Virtual training and engagement coaches
Digital marketing mentors
Implementation and accountability partners

What you will learn in the LIVE Masterclass?

1. How to conduct online trainings having high virtual engagement
2. How to build your Tribe & Communities
3. How to generate revenue by monetizing your content
4. How to strengthen your training skills & deliver value-rich sessions

Why Attend?

Discover #1 Secret That Got Jogesh a 6 figure revenue without spending on Ads!
What lies at the core of high impact virtual engagement
Learn why only a few trainers are SUCCESSFUL
High Value Delivered for a very Low Investment

Who is this for?

1. Aspiring Trainers
2. L&D professionals
3. Coaches, Consultants, Counselors
4. Mid-career professionals / corporate executives
5. Defence veterans for career 2.0
Principals of schools / Educators / Academicians
Medical professionals


1.Check out everything that we can help you accomplish through this Masterclass
2.Offbeat methods of creating interesting webinars for a WOW effect on the audience.
3.Discover the art of engaging the virtual audience – HIVE methodology
4.Applying your learnings through an actual implementation process
5.Closing the gap between real & virtual training
6.Enabling Digital Ecosystem through 4D Framework
7.Learn #1 secret to generating leads immediately without spending on Facebook ads.
8.Blueprint to building a meaningful community
9.Supportive hand-holding and mentoring after the Masterclass
10.Adopting Gamification techniques to keep the audience engaged and entertained.


Brig Sushul Basin 

Jogesh Jain

Webinar/Workshop organized by: MeraEvents

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