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The webinar will give a brief overview of Agile in product development. It will cater to people new to Agile as well as veterans in the field and help take a broader view of what it means to be agile. The webinar will start with a look at the need for agility and give a brief overview of the Cynefin framework which will provide a lens through which we can view our work. We will then cover the origins of Agile and the associated values and principles. We will look at multiple drivers that are valued for agility and how they need to be in balance.

Following that, we will dig a little deeper into some of the common approaches to agility like Scrum, XP, Kanban, CI/CD, DevOps. Finally we will talk about the current state of Agile in the industry and some of the latest evolution that are taking place in this space.

Agenda/Discussion Topics

  • Understanding why agility is crucial in today’s product landscape
  • Agile values and principles
  • Understanding the outcomes that need to be balanced to achieve agility
  • Increasing familiarity and awareness of common Agile approaches
  • Getting up to speed with the latest developments in the Agile space
  • Understanding Agility over branded “Agile” 


Vinaya Muralidharan

Enterprise Agile Coach, Director, Fiserv

Webinar/Workshop organized by: TechGig


Agile and delivery transformations, digital transformation professionals


Thursday, June 4 @ 5PM

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