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Thursday, Jan 28 @ 8:30 PM


 2020 has highlighted the importance of operational resilience and prompted regulators across the globe to look at introducing regulatory frameworks to enable companies to deliver critical operations throughout any disruption. This is a live Q&A session so you can also ask your own questions and listen in to Michael’s insights as he tackles topics from other resilience and GRC professionals in real time.


– What are the fundamental requirements of these emerging regulations?
– Operationally how can I prepare my organization to implement them?
– Do the new guidelines make BCM and operational resilience a regulatory requirement?
– How can I work the new regulations into my GRC program and demonstrate compliance?
– What tangible steps can organizations put in place to ensure critical operations remain functional in a crisis?


Michael Rasmussen, GRC
Paul Johns, Sai Global

Webinar/Workshop organized by: Sai Global

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