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Friday, 12 Feb @ 12:30 AM


The range of properties available across the family of zinc die casting alloys, combined with the multiple options for casting zinc, provides unparalleled flexibility for product manufacturing. Zinc die casting is one of the most cost-effective manufacturing processes for high-volume components and yet also for smaller product runs.


–  Review available zinc die casting processes
–  Compare the physical and mechanical properties of zinc die casting alloys with other manufacturing materials
–  Provide information on surface finishing
–  Introduce new zinc die casting alloys
–  Introduce design options for light-weighting zinc die castings
–  Discuss solutions in zinc across a range of industries, which highlight the advantages of zinc die castings


 Martin Gagné, Principal, ZELIXIR Inc.
Ryan Winter, Vice President of Engineering Services, Eastern Alloys

Webinar/Workshop organized by: International Zinc association

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